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Wrong solution for "a badminton match"?

Re. this problem:


I'm sure I have solved it but the correct solution isn't accepted. I submitted a request to Brilliant about this but got not response. Has anyone else had the same issue?

(I'm not posting my solution here, in order to not spoil the problem for those that haven't solved it yet).

Note by Matt McNabb
3 years ago

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Hey Matt, this was a problem submitted by a user. It looks like the author of the problem corrected his mistake and people discussed the correct solution in the solution discussions. Suyeon Khim Staff · 3 years ago

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@Suyeon Khim Thanks, the staff have changed the solution now so everyone who entered the right value but originally got marked wrong should now have it marked right! Matt McNabb · 3 years ago

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When going to the problem, people agree the answer is incorrect. Daniel Chiu · 3 years ago

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@Daniel Chiu Thanks. I'll wait for it to be updated I guess :) Matt McNabb · 3 years ago

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Bumping this, can an admin comment? It still hasn't been fixed and I would like my rating points back if nothing else..:) Matt McNabb · 3 years ago

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