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Your Mind Will Explode Set

There will be \(\color{magenta}{50}\) problems on the set, and of course, the last problem, will be \(\color{grey}{IMPOSSIBLE}\) 💀 to answer!

I will create more \(\color{darkgreen}{YMWE}\) problems, so check my set sometimes to answer new problems.

I hope you like ✔️ and love ❤️ those problems that I will create.

Note by Johanz Piedad
2 years, 1 month ago

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Waiting to see your 'impossible ' problem.. Btw Your problems are awesome. .keep posting!\(\ddot\smile\)

Rohit Udaiwal - 2 years ago

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Thank you! \(\ddot\smile\)

Johanz Piedad - 2 years ago

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