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Huckleberry Finn says hi

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In Huckleberry Finn, a classic american novel by Mark Twain, much of the story takes place on a raft on the Mississippi river. Huckleberry's raft is a square 5 meters on a side with a vertical height of 0.1 m. If Huckleberry isn't on the raft it floats such that the top of the raft remains 0.07 m above the surface of the water. Huckleberry and his friend Jim, with a combined mass of 130 kg, climb on the raft. How far above the surface of the water in meters is the top of the raft after Huckleberry and Jim climb on?

Oh, and the Mississippi river is primarily fresh water...

Details and assumptions

  • Treat the raft as just a rectangular prism/cuboid. You can ignore for the purposes of the problem that it's made of logs.
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* Use decimal answers like 3.001 or 6E-10 for 6×10-10. Enter answers to three significant figures – you will not be penalized for too many significant figures.

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