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Absolute Value Inequalities

Is a company's profit greater in magnitude than its loss? When is the error in the length of a candy bar acceptable to the factory?

Absolute Value Inequalities - 1 Quadratic Term


Solve for \(x:\) \[ \lvert x^2-1 \rvert > 2.\]

Solve for \(x:\) \[ \frac{1}{\lvert x^2-15 \rvert} > \frac{1}{15}.\]

Solve for \(x:\) \[ \lvert x^2-16x \rvert < 32x .\]

Solve for \(x:\) \[ \lvert x^2-13 \rvert < 13.\]

Solve for \(x:\) \[ \lvert x^2-32x \rvert < x^2 .\]


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