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Advanced Angle Hunts


This last quiz puts together many of the different kinds of angle hunting and shape-defining techniques you’ve explored in each of the previous quizzes. These questions are tricky!

If you can work your way through problems like these, then we think you’ve really mastered the detective strategies of hunting angles!

Four regular hexagons are joined together with line \(\overline{AB}\) passing through. One side of each of the blue hexagons sits on line \(\overline{AB}.\) What is the sum of the red angles? Careful it's not \(360^\circ!\)

A regular octagon is inscribed inside a square, as shown in the diagram below. What is the sum of the three red angles?

What is the sum of all the red angles?

What is the measure of \(\angle M?\)

What is the total sum of the measures of \(\angle A,\) \(\angle B,\) and \(\angle C?\)


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