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Angles and Lines

Forgive us for being obtuse, but this is a cute concept, and we think it’s right for you. See more

Level 2


Three squares are joined together as shown in figure to create a triangle.

What is the sum of angles \( \angle A + \angle B + \angle C \) ?

In the figure above, \(AE\) is the diameter of the circle.
What is the measure of \(\angle ABC+\angle CDE \) in degrees?

Three line segments \(AD, BE, CF\) intersect at a single point in the diagram above. Find the sum of the angles \(a+b+c+d+e+f\) in degrees.

Find the sum (in degrees) of the four colored angles in the diagram above.

Find the value of \(x\) in term \(a, b,\) and \(c\).


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