Angles and Lines

Angles and Lines - Problem Solving


In parallelogram ABCDABCD, the green angle ABC=58\angle ABC = 58 ^ \circ. What is the pink angle ADC\angle ADC?

In the above diagram, line segment AB\overline{AB} is parallel to line segment CD.\overline{CD}. If α=70\alpha={70}^\circ and β=28,\beta={28}^\circ, then what is the angle OCD?\angle OCD ?

Given quadrilateral ABCDABCD where ABAB is parallel to DCDC and ACAC and BDBD intersect at EE, with BEC=58\angle BEC = 58 ^\circ and ACD=31\angle ACD = 31 ^\circ, what is ABE\angle ABE (in degrees)?

L1L_1 is parallel to L2L_2 and α=54,\alpha={54}^\circ, β=84\beta={84}^\circ and γ=21.\gamma={21}^\circ. What is the angle ω\omega in degrees?

Consider a 6 sided star that is formed from 2 triangles as above. What is the sum of the angles at A, B, C, D, E and F?


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