Area of Triangles

Area of Triangles: Level 2 Challenges


Which of the following triangles has a larger area:

  • triangle A with side lengths 13,13,10 13, 13, 10 , or
  • triangle B with side lengths 13,13,24? 13, 13, 24\, ?

In a square ABCDABCD, EE and FF are the midpoints of sides ABAB and ADAD, respectively. A point GG is taken on segment CFCF in such a way that 2CG=3FG2CG=3FG.

If the side of the square is 22, then what is the area of BEG\triangle{BEG}?

Find the area of a triangle with sides 13,61,80\sqrt{13}, \sqrt{61} , \sqrt{80} .

In triangle ABC\triangle ABC, BEBE and CFCF are medians. BE=9 cmBE=9\text{ cm}, CF=12 cmCF=12\text{ cm}. If BEBE is perpendicular to CFCF, find the area of the triangle ABC\triangle ABC in  cm2\text{ cm}^2.

ABCDABCD is a parallelogram. The area of ABCTABCT is 45 and TT is the midpoint of ADAD. Find the area of triangle ACDACD.


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