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Basic Arithmetic: Level 2 Challenges


3150631505= ? \large \color{#D61F06}3^{\color{#3D99F6}{1506}} - \color{#D61F06}3^{\color{#3D99F6}{1505}} = \ ?

As the photo above shows, the following equation:


gives the message "I Love You" when half of it is erased. However, what is the value of 128e980128\sqrt{e980} when rounded down to one decimal place?

Photo credits: iblogangela

Details and assumptions: e980e980 is defined as e×980e\times980.

Please try not to use a calculator for this.

Evaluate (20142014×2014201420142004×20142024). \left( 20142014 \times 20142014-20142004 \times 20142024 \right).

n200<5300\Large \color{#3D99F6}{n}^{\color{#D61F06}{200}} < \color{#20A900}{5}^{\color{#624F41}{300}}

Find the largest integer nn that satisfies the above inequality.

Fill the empty squares with integers from 1 to 9, using each integer exactly once, to get the given results. Calculations are done from left to right, and from top to bottom.

What is the sum of the sums of numbers on the 2 diagonals?

Note that the center square is added twice.


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