Everyday Math

Basic Mathematics Warmups

Basic Mathematics Warmup: Level 1 Challenges


When I was two years old, my sister was half my age. If I am now sixty years old, how old is my sister?

By tracing the edges, we can calculate that the perimeter of figure 1 is 4 units, and the perimeter of figure 2 is 12 units. What is the perimeter of figure 3?

Given that a,a, b,b, and cc are positive reals such that a+b+c=6a+b+c=6, find the maximum possible value of abcabc.

A triangle, a square, a pentagon, a hexagon, an octagon, and a circle all have the same perimeter.

Which one has the smallest area?

Note: All of the polygons are regular.

True or False?

If xx and yy are real numbers such that x=y \sqrt{x} = \sqrt{y} , then

x=y. x = y.


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