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Trigonometric Functions

SOH-CAH-TOA! Have you heard the call of the trig function? Use them to navigate the trickier sides (and angles) of geometric shapes.

Basic Trigonometric Functions


In triangle \(ABC\), we have \( AB = 14, BC = 27 \) and \( CA= \sqrt{925} \). What is the integer that is closest to \( 100 \sin \angle ABC \)?

If \(\displaystyle \tan A=\frac{3}{4},\) what is the value of \(7\cos A ?\)

If \(\angle ACB = 90^\circ,\) \(AC=50,\) and \(BC= 50\sqrt{3},\) what is \( \angle BAC ?\)

If \(\alpha\) is a real number such that \(\tan \alpha = \frac{1}{\sqrt{3}}\) and \(\cos \alpha = \frac{\sqrt{3}}{2},\) what is the value of \(\frac{1}{\sin \alpha}\)?

If \(\displaystyle \tan A=\frac{9}{40},\) what is the value of \(7\cos A ?\)


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