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Trigonometric Functions

Basic Trigonometric Functions


In triangle \(ABC\), we have \( AB = 14, BC = 27 \) and \( CA= \sqrt{925} \). What is the integer that is closest to \( 100 \sin \angle ABC \)?

If \(\displaystyle \tan A=\frac{3}{4},\) what is the value of \(7\cos A ?\)

If \(\angle ACB = 90^\circ,\) \(AC=50,\) and \(BC= 50\sqrt{3},\) what is \( \angle BAC ?\)

If \(\alpha\) is a real number such that \(\tan \alpha = \frac{1}{\sqrt{3}}\) and \(\cos \alpha = \frac{\sqrt{3}}{2},\) what is the value of \(\frac{1}{\sin \alpha}\)?

If \(\displaystyle \tan A=\frac{9}{40},\) what is the value of \(7\cos A ?\)


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