Geometry Fundamentals

Geometry is a way of thinking. By looking at the world in shapes and angles, we can combine reason with our knack for spotting visual patterns to find hidden relationships between objects.

In this course, we'll investigate new ways of seeing that help us do this.\\[-2em]

By unfolding, sliding, rearranging, and cutting — we'll create and discover transformations that clear away confusion and reveal the underlying truth.

Let's get started.

Calculating Area


It's tempting to search for a relevant formula and calculate until an answer emerges, but in this course, we'll be looking for ways to jump directly from problem to solution without a lot of computation. \\[2em]

In the shape below, is there more yellow or more white?

Hint: Can you find a way to look at this shape that makes things easier to compare?

Calculating Area


We could have solved the last problem with a calculation, but we saw it wasn't necessary. Since the overall shape is built from squares that are half yellow and half white, we can say the same about the shape as a whole.