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Chess Tactical: Level 2 Challenges


In the following position, how can checkmate be given in 1 move?

If the bottom left corner is denoted by \( (1,1) \), what is the target square of the last move?

  • This game starts from the standard position, and we arrived at this position using the standard rules of chess.
  • You have to determine who is to play.

In the position below, how many moves does White need to perform the fastest possible checkmate?

Is it possible to remove 2 pieces from the board in a single turn whilst playing with the standard rules of chess?

Clarification: Remove means taken off the board, not move two pieces simultaneously. The problem refers to the literal physical pieces; additionally, if a physical piece is placed on the board, that is considered a different operation.

It's White's turn. Assuming optimal play, which piece should White move?

It's White's turn. Assume Black plays optimally. What is the minimum number of moves to checkmate the black king?


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