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Circular Motion

The wheels on the bus go round and round, but can you name all the forces in a rotating reference frame? Learn to derive these and more through sheer force of reason in Circular Motion.

Circular Motion - Level 2 Challenges


During their physics field trip to an amusement park, Tyler and Maria took a ride on the Whirligig, which has long swings spinning in circles at relatively high speeds. As part of their lab assignment, they estimated that the riders were making a full circle of radius \( 6.5 \text{ m} \) every \( 5.8 \) seconds. Determine the approximate speed of the riders on the Whirligig.

This bus toppled when it took a sharp turn very quickly. Which way was the bus turning (from the point of view of the bus driver) before it toppled?

Old time mills for grinding wheat or corn into flour were often powered by a water wheel. Some water wheels had water falling over paddles, other water wheels dipped their paddles in a moving river, which as it flowed past turned the wheel. One particular mill has a water wheel with radius \(3~\mbox{m}\) suspended above a river such that the bottom edge of the paddles are just in contact with and move with the river water. If the river flows at \(0.5~\mbox{m/s}\) then what is the period of the spinning water wheel?

The above shows a pendulum which is in uniform circular motion on a horizontal plane, hanging on a string from the ceiling. In the picture, \(mg\) denotes the gravitational force, and \(T\) denotes the tensile force of the string. Which of the following statements is correct in this connection? (Ignore air resistance and the mass of the string.)

a) The magnitude of the tensile force \(T\) is greater than that of the gravitational force \(mg\).

b) If we cut off the string right at this moment, then the pendulum will move as if it is thrown to the \(x\) direction.

c) The direction of the net force acting on the pendulum is the \(y\) direction.

A double-decker bus wants to take a turn safely, without tipping over. Which of the following will decrease the chance of the bus toppling?


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