Classification of Triangles

Classification of Triangles: Level 1 Challenges


Arjit drew an isosceles right angled triangle on the board. What is the measure of the base angle?

The polygonal path connecting points A and B forms 7 equilateral triangles.

If the distance between point A to point B is 20 units, then how long is the distance of the path (in units)?

Let ABC\triangle ABC and CDE\triangle CDE be equilateral triangles of the same size, and BCD=80\angle BCD=80^\circ between them. Find the measure of BAD\angle BAD in degrees.

Which non-degenerate triangle cannot have one of its angles as 91{91}^\circ?

Which non-degenerate triangle can have one of its angles as 89{89}^{\circ}?


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