Discrete Mathematics Warmups

Discrete Mathematics Warmups: Level 1 Challenges


There are 3 flights from California to France, and 2 flights from France to India. Sanjeet wants to fly from California to France and then to India.

How many choices does he have for his flight plan?

In a town of 50,000 people,
28,000 people read NanJing Morning News,
23,000 people read NanJing Evening News, and
4,000 people read both.

How many people read neither?

Katie is teaching a class of thirty pupils, of which fourteen are girls. She knows that there are twenty-two pupils who are right-handed.

What is the minimum number of girls who are right-handed in this class?

How many triangles are there in the diagram above?

Using one 2 meter length and two 3 meter length, I can measure 8 meters as shown in Figure 1. It is also possible to measure 1 meter, as shown in Figure 2. Which whole number length from 1 to 8 cannot be measured directly from one 2 meter length and two 3 meter length?


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