Angles and Lines

Complementary and Supplementary Angles


Given that \(\color{green}{\text{(green angle)} = 31^\circ},\) which of the following is complementary to that \(\color{green}{\text{green angle}}\)?

Which pair of angles are supplementary?

Suppose \(\angle A = 65^\circ \), \(\angle B\, \) is complementary to \( \angle A,\) and \( \angle C\) is supplementary to \( \angle B.\) What is the measure of \( \angle C ?\)

If \(\angle A=5 ^\circ\) and \(\angle B\) is the supplement of \(\angle A,\) then \(\angle A + \angle B\) forms a(n) \(\text{__________}.\)

\(\quad \text{A)}\) acute angle
\(\quad \text{B)}\) right angle
\(\quad \text{C)}\) obtuse angle
\(\quad \text{D)}\) straight line
\(\quad \text{E)}\) none of the above

Find the measure of \(\angle Z.\)


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