Curve Sketching

Curve Sketching Warmup


The graph of y=f(x)y = f(x) is shown. On which intervals is f(x)>0?f'(x) > 0?

The graphs of y=g(x)y = g(x) and y=h(x)y = h(x) are shown above. Which is the derivative of the other?

The graph of y=g(x)y = g'(x) (the derivative of g(x)!)g(x)!) is shown. At what value of xx does g(x)g(x) obtain a local maximum?

On what intervals is f(x)=x312xf(x) = x^3 - 12x increasing?

A=(,2)A = (-\infty, -2)

B=(2,2)B = (-2, 2)

C=(2,)C = (2, \infty)

A penguin is climbing up a long slippery slope, taking occasional breaks to slide back down for a bit. The penguin's vertical height (in meters) above a fixed point at time tt minutes after starting is represented by f(t).f(t). Based on the information about f(t)f'(t) in the table below, at which of these times did the penguin's height reach a local minimum?

IntervalSign of f(t)f'(t)

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