Decimals - Word Problems


Jenny currently has \(15.20\) dollars. She buys \(3\) chocolate bars that cost \(25\) cents each, and \(5\) notebooks that cost 50 cents each. How much does she have left?

A candle has length \(24\) cm. Once lit, the candle burns away at a constant rate of \(0.2\) cm per minute. What is the length of the candle (in cm) \(10\) minutes after it is lit?

James bought \( 5 \text{ kg} \) of candy for \( $ 8.00. \) If Susan wants to buy \( 1.3 \text{ kg} \) of candy and pays an extra \( $ 0.01 \) for the paper bag, how much should she pay?

The price for sending a package at the post office varies by the weight of the package according to the following table:

\[\begin{align} \text{Weight of Package (kg)} &&\text{Price (dollars)}\\ \text{Under 1 kg} &&\text{1}\\ \text{1 kg or more and under 3 kg} &&\text{1.5}\\ \text{3 kg or more and under 5 kg} &&\text{2}\\ \text{5 kg or more and under 10 kg} &&\text{2.5}\\ \text{10 kg or more} &&\text{3} \end{align}\]

If Leonard sends a package which consists of one \(0.5\text{ kg}\) pen, three \(0.1\text{ kg}\) postcards, and two \(0.8\text{ kg}\) booklets, how much will he have to pay at the post office?

What is the perimeter of a rectangle whose width is \(3.3\) and length is \(6.3?\)


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