Classical Mechanics

Vector Kinematics

Different Representations of Vectors


A two-dimensional vector's initial point is (3,2)(3,-2) and the vector has a magnitude of 12.12. This vector forms a 4545^{\circ} angle with the +x+x direction. What is the terminal point of the vector?

A woman moves 4 m4\text{ m} east, 1 m1\text{ m} south, and 4 m4\text{ m} west. What is the direction of the displacement vector of the woman?

An object on a tabletop moves in a straight line, in a direction that forms a 6060^{\circ} angle with a ruler. The position of the object read from the ruler was 10 cm10\text{ cm} when it started moving. The object then stops when its position read from the ruler is 32 cm.32\text{ cm}. What is the displacement of the object?

A vector's initial point is (4,8)(4,8) and terminal point is (16,8)(16,-8) on the coordinate plane. Find the magnitude of the vector.

Tom walked 21 miles21\text{ miles} north, and then 28 miles28\text{ miles} east. How far is he from his original location?


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