Discrete Probability Distributions

Discrete Probability Distribution - Uniform Distribution


Jill has a set of 3333 cards labelled with integers from 1 through 33.33. She faces all the cards down, shuffles the deck repeatedly and then picks the card on the top. What is the probability that the card she picks shows a number larger than 19?19?

Note: No two cards have the same number.

Which of the following represents the probability density function of a random variable XX that takes on integers following the discrete uniform distribution XU{9,48}?X\sim U\{9,48\}?

Harry spins a roulette which consists of integers from 1 through 1414 (not necessarily in order). What is the variance of the outcome he gets?

Note: The areas that correspond to each number are equal.

Find the variance of a random variable XX which follows the discrete uniform distribution XU{5,18}?X \sim U\{5,18\}?

What is the expected value of the outcome when throwing a fair die?


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