2D Coordinate Geometry

Distance between Two Points


Given the line segment PQ \overline{PQ} with P=(12,11) P=(12,11) and Q=(8,5) Q=(8,5) , the length of the line segment is aa .

What is a2a^2?

The points A,B,A,B, and CC lie on a straight line such that the distance from AA to BB is 4 inches, and the distance from BB to CC is 5 inches. An ant crawled along the straight line from AA to CC, and then back to BB. What is the total distance (in inches) that the ant travelled?

If A=(1,a)A=(1,a), B=(4,2)B=(4,2), and the distance between AA and BB is 5, what is the positive value of a?a?

What is the distance between (4,8) (4, 8 ) and the origin?

Let aa be a point on a number line such that its distance from the point 33 on the same number line is 9.9. What are the possible values of a?a ?


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