Quadratic Equations

Distributive Property - Multiple Terms


If (x+5)(3x+8)=Ax2+Bx+C (x+5)(3x + 8) = Ax^2 + Bx + C , what is the sum of A A , B B, and CC?

What is the coefficient of yy in the expansion of the expression (4xy+4)(x+2y1)?(4x-y+4)(x+2y-1) ?

Simplify (9xy6y2+15y)÷3y. \left( 9xy - 6y^2 + 15y \right) \div 3y.

If a=3 a=-3 and b=2 b=2 , evaluate (a23ab)×13a+(abb22)÷2b. \left(a^2 - 3ab \right) \times \frac{1}{3a} + \left(ab -\frac{b^2}{2} \right) \div 2b.

Consider the expansion of (8x+y)(14y+x) (8x+y) (14 y + x) . After combining like terms, how many terms are there in the expression?


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