Rules of Exponents

Exponential Functions Warmup


What is the value of \(\dfrac{6^5}{6^3}\) ?

True or false: \((-2)^{3} = 2^{-3}\) ?

\[f(x) = x^{100}\] \[g(x) = 100^{x}\]

Which is bigger, \(f(10000)\) or \(g(10000)\) ?

\(f\) is an exponential function such that \(f(x) = K(2^{x})\) for some constant \(K\).

If \(f(10) = 2000\) and \(f(a) = 500\), what is the value of \(a\) ?

\[\Large 8^{2n} = 4^{n^2}\]

What is the value of \(n\)?


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