Floor and Ceiling Functions

Floor and Ceiling Functions - Problem Solving


How many \( 0 \)'s are on the end of \( 180!? \)

Note: \(180!\) is the factorial of \(180,\) which means \(180\times179\times178\times\cdots\times2\times1.\)

The positive root of \[20x^2=\lceil x \rceil\] is \(A.\) Find the value of \(\frac{1}{A^2}.\)

Evaluate \[\sum_{i=1}^{44}\left\lfloor\frac{16i}{45}\right\rfloor.\]


\[ \sum_{i=1}^{ 128 } \lfloor \log_2 i \rfloor . \]

Which of the figures above correctly illustrates the graph of \(y=\{x\}?\)

Note: \(\{x\}\) denotes the fractional part function.


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