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Geometry Warmups

Mathematics is filled with shapes that are kaleidoscopic in variety. Wielded since ancient times, the power of geometry helps us examine and measure these shapes.

Geometric Misconceptions Warmup


Rectangular pieces of square A are removed to obtain shape B. (They both still have the same overall height and width.) Which shape has the greater perimeter? (Note: All angles are right angles.)

Which angle measure is bigger?

When using the standard formula to find the area of this triangle, \(A = \frac{1}{2} bh\), which two side lengths should be used for the base and the height?

Which statement is the converse of this statement: "If a quadrilateral is a square, then it is a rectangle"?

NOTE: While it might be, the converse of a statement is not necessarily true!

True or False?

A line can have a midpoint.


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