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Length and Area

If the area of a square is 144, what is the perimeter of the square? If a square and a circle have the same perimeter, which of them will have a greater area?

Geometry Shortcuts


True or false?

A circle can be inscribed in a kite.

What is the value of \(y\) in the diagram shown? (HINT: Think ratios)

Given the two circles with center P and the equilateral triangle shown, if the value of \(x,\) the radius of the larger circle, is 8, what is the value of \(y,\) the radius of the smaller circle?

In the triangle shown, the three line segments meet at the centroid of the triangle. How many times greater is the product \(abc\) than the product \(xyz?\) (HINT: The centroid of a triangle trisects each line segment)

Given that AB is the diameter of the circle shown, what is the approximate value of AC?


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