Geometry Warmups

Geometry Warmups: Level 4 Challenges


Let ABCABC an equilateral triangle, PP a point inside the triangle such as AP=5,BP=12AP=5, BP=12 and CP=13CP=13. Find the area of ABC\triangle ABC.


2412cot2(9)+2412cot2(27)+2412cot2(45)+2412cot2(63)+2412cot2(81).\frac{241}{2-\cot^{2} (9^{\circ})}+\frac{241}{2-\cot^{2} (27^{\circ})}+\frac{241}{2-\cot^{2} (45^{\circ})}\\ +\frac{241}{2-\cot^{2} (63^{\circ})}+\frac{241}{2-\cot^{2} (81^{\circ})} .

(x1x2)2+(2x129x2)2 (x_1 - x_2)^2 + \left ( \sqrt{2-x_1 ^2} - \frac {9}{x_2} \right )^2

What is the minimum value of the above expression where x1(0,2)x_1 \in (0, \sqrt{2}) and x2R+ x_2 \in R^+

A person is bored waiting in line. He draws 1000 congruent circles in the plane, all passing through a fixed point, P. What is the largest number of regions into which these circles can split the plane? (Include the region outside the circles in your count)

adapted from the Mandlebrot competition

In the interval [0,2π] [ 0, 2\pi ] , how many solutions are there to

cos2x+cos22x+cos23x=1? \cos^2 x + \cos^2 2x + \cos^2 3x = 1?


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