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Graph Theory

Any connected group of things can be represented as a graph: cities and roads, people and friendships, and more. Learn why an even number of people have an odd number of friends.

Level 2


Can we color the edges of the octahedron above without lifting the pencil nor coloring the same edge more than once?

In the following graph, is there a path that visits each node exactly once?

You may start at any node.

Can you trace this entire figure:
1) without picking up your writing/tracing tool and
2) without ever doubling back along a line already traced?

What is chromatic number of the above graph?

Note: Chromatic number is the minimum number of color to color the vertex of a graph so that adjacent vertex are not of the same color.

Which of the following developements of the 5 platonic solids can be drawn without ever lifting the pencil from the sheet and without passing on the same edge twice?


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