Grid Puzzles

Grid Puzzles: Level 1 Challenges


It's Alice's birthday, and today is her birthday party. Alice's father orders one large, rectangular sheet pizza for everyone to eat, but unfortunately, none of the kids like the crust! If each row of the pizza has 10 slices, and each column of the pizza has 8 slices, and no one eats the slices that have crust (AKA the edge pieces), how many slices are left over at the end of the party?

One time, my brother stole my wallet and put it behind a door. Then he laid out 5 colored keys, only one of them unlocking the door. He promises to return my wallet if I get the correct key. Also, keys can talk about themselves. Using the clues below, can you find the correct key and find my wallet?

The Red key is somewhere to the left of the key to the door.

The Blue key is not at one of the ends.

The Green key is three spaces away from the key to the door (2 between).

The Yellow key is next to the key to the door.

The Orange key is in the middle.

After fixing their microverse battery, Rick, Morty, and Summer go out to eat ice cream. They each like one distinct flavor: Pink Peppercorn, Chocolate, or Green Tea.

  • If Summer likes the Pink Peppercorn flavor and,
  • Rick doesn't like the Green Tea flavor,

What flavor does Morty like?

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Pop Quiz! Submit your answers, in order, to Questions 1-4.

Q1. Which is the first question where c) is the correct answer?

a) Q3
b) Q4
c) Q1
d) Q2

Q2. Which is the first question where a) is the correct answer?

a) Q4
b) Q2
c) Q3
d) Q1

Q3. Which is the first question where d) is the correct answer?

a) Q1
b) Q2
c) Q4
d) Q3

Q4. Which is the first question where b) is the correct answer?

a) Q2
b) Q4
c) Q3
d) Q1

In the diagram given above, the numbers from 1 to 25 are to arranged in a 5×55 \times 5 square grid so that each number except 1 and 2, is the sum of two of its neighbours. Some of the numbers have already been filled in. Which number must replace the " ?? " when the grid is complete.

Note - Numbers in the grid are neighbours if their squares touch along a side or at a corner. For example: the number "1" has eight neighbours, the number "21" has three neighbours.

Bonus - Complete the Grid.


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