Everyday Math

Ratio, Rate, and Proportion

Inverse Variation


The value of yy varies inversely with x.x. If y=6y=6 when x=83,\displaystyle x=\frac{8}{3}, what is the value of yy when x=5?x=5 ?

Suppose there is a water faucet that can fill a 575575-liter-tank in 100100 minutes. How many faucets do we need to fill this tank in 44 minutes?

A cruise ship rents for $800\$800 a day. If 88 people go on a one-day trip by this ship, what is the cost per capita?

Calvin is planning to visit his hometown during Thanksgiving Holidays. It will take 99 hours if he drives at 85 km/h.85 \text{ km/h}. How long will it take if he drives at 102 km/h?102 \text{ km/h} ?

If zz varies directly as xx and inversely as y,y, how many times larger does zz get if xx is increased by 22 times and yy is decreased by 77 times?


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