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Graphs of Trigonometric Functions

Plot the six different trig functions, discover their illuminating interactions, and ride the wave!

Inverse Trigonometric Graphs


What is the \(x\)-coordinate of the intersection point between the graphs \(y=\arccos x \) and \(y=\frac{\pi}{2} ?\)

What is the value of the \(x\)-coordinate of the intersection points between \(y=\arcsin x\) and \(y=\arccos x?\)

What is the minimum value of the function \( y= \lvert\arcsin x\rvert \) in the interval \(-1 \leq x \leq 1?\)

Let \(y=\tan x\) for \( -\frac{\pi}{2} < x < \frac{\pi}{2} .\) What is the range of the inverse function \(\arctan x?\)

The above diagram shows the graph of which of the following inverse trigonometric functions?


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