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Kinetic Energy

Energy is the currency of transformation. All systems remain the same unless energy is exchanged between one part and another. Learn here about the energy associated with movement.

Kinetic Energy Warmup


Two cannonballs have equal mass. If the first cannonball has greater momentum, then which cannonball has greater kinetic energy?

A brick is tied to a rope and is whirled in a circular path such that the brick moves with constant speed. How does the kinetic energy of the brick change with time?

When a ball is thrown up into the air, how does its kinetic energy change with time?

Two trucks of equal mass are moving towards each other at equal speeds.

  • One of the truck drivers calculates the total kinetic energy of the trucks.

  • A person standing on the ground also calculates the total kinetic energy of the trucks.

Who has calculated a greater value of kinetic energy?

If the speed of a ship doubles, then what happens to its kinetic energy?


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