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Length and Area

Length and Area - Problem Solving


The width of a rectangular conference room table is 3 ft3 \mbox{ ft} and the area of the conference table's surface is 45 ft245 \mbox{ ft}^2. What is the length of the conference table (in ft\mbox{ft})?

A square has a side length of 8 inches. What is the area (in inches2^2) of the square?

ABCDABCD is a rectangle with AB=200AB =200 and BC=480BC = 480. EE is a point on CDCD (possibly extended) such that AE=ECAE=EC. What is the length of DEDE?

ABCDABCD is a quadrilateral with ADC=ACD\angle ADC = \angle ACD, ACB=ABC\angle ACB = \angle ABC and CD=8CD = 8. If triangles ADCADC and ABCABC have perimeters 5858 and 6969, respectively, what is the value of BCBC?

If AC=10\overline{AC}=10, what is the area of square ABCDABCD?


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