Equation of a Line

Intercepts of a Line


What is the x-intercept of the line \(y = 5x - 40\)?

What is the \(y\)-intercept of the line with slope \( m = 1 \) that passes through the point \( (12,\ 36) \)?

Let \(y=-6x+42\) be the equation of a line. What is the sum of the \(x\)-intercept and \(y\)-intercept?

If a line has \(x\)-intercept \(A\) and \(y\)-intercept \(B,\) and the midpoint of line segment \(AB\) is \(P=(8, 11)\), what is the equation the line?

What is the \(y\)-intercept of the line \[\sqrt{3}x-y+34=0?\]


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