Linear Equations

Linear Equations: Level 1 Challenges


Every time Pinocchio tells a lie, his nose grows one inch longer.

When he left this morning, Pinocchio's nose was only 3 inches long. However, when he arrived home for dinner, his creator Geppetto noticed that his nose was now 9 inches long.

How many lies did Pinocchio tell while he was away?

If $80 is divided among three people so that the second person will have twice as much as the first, and the third person will have $5 less than the second, then how many dollars will the third person have?

I went to the candy store last weekend and I bought a total of 10 packs of candy. I bought M&Ms for $1 per pack and Twizzlers for $0.50 per pack. I spent a total of $6. How many packs of M&Ms did I buy?

Consider the collection of points such that the sum of each point's coordinates is 1. The graph of these points in the coordinate plane forms what shape?

If a baseball and a bat together cost $110\$110 and the bat costs $100\$100 more than the ball, then how much does the ball cost?


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