Linear Equations

Linear Equations: Level 2 Challenges


Let f(x)f(x) be a linear function. Given f(6)f(2)=12f(6)-f(2)=12 find the value of f(12)f(2)f(12)-f(2).

Five identical large hoses can fill a swimming pool in 2 hours (working together).
Three identical small hoses can fill the swimming pool in 5 hours (working together).

Using two large hoses and one small hose, how much time will it take to fill the swimming pool? Give your answer in minutes.

The battery of a cell phone is enough for 9 hours when the phone is off and 1.5 hours when the phone is on.

If the battery of my fully charged phone was discharged in 8 hours, then how long did I have it on?

When Bill drives at 36 mph to work and arrives 15 minutes late. The next day Bill didn't want to be late to work so he drove at 60 mph to be on the safe side, and arrived 15 minutes early. Bill didn't want to work more than everyone else, so he needs your help to find the speed he should go at in mph so that he arrives just on time.

Assume that every week has 7 days, every month has 4 weeks, and every year has 12 months.

The age of my grandson in days is numerically equal to the age of my son in weeks. The age of my grandson in months is numerically equal to my age in years. The sum of ages of my grandson, my son, and me is 120 years. What is my age in years?


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