Equation of a Line

Finding the Slope of a Line


Emma draws a line that has an equation 2y636=x\frac{2y - 6}{36} = x, what is the slope of the line?

What is the slope of the line passing through two points P=(1,30)P=(1, -30) and Q=(5,18)Q=(5, -18)?

Given a line y=mx+7 y = mx + 7 that passes through the point (6,13) (6, 13 ) , what is the slope of the line, m m ?

If a line has slope 10 10 and passes through the point (3,39) (3, 39) , what value of a a in (4,a) (4, a) makes that point lie on the line?

Find the slope of a line that passes through the points (2,52)(2, -52) and (8,20)(8, 20).


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