Equation of a Line

Linear Equations Word Problems


One morning, Farmer Bob brings \(42\) carrots to feed his horses. He gives each one of his horses \(4\) carrots apiece and is left with exactly \(2\) uneaten carrots. How many horses does Farmer Bob have?

In the first 7 days of growth, green beans grow a constant \( 1.9 \) inches every day. If the sprout was \( 2.2 \) inches at the end of the first day, what is its height (in inches) at the end of the fourth day?

The relationship between degrees Fahrenheit and degrees Celsius can be represented by a linear equation. Water boils at \(100^\circ\text{C}=212^\circ\text{F},\) and freezes at \(0^\circ\text{C}=32^\circ\text{F}.\) How many degrees Fahrenheit is \(37^\circ\text{C}?\)

The sum of 3 consecutive integers is 75. What is the smallest integer in this list?

Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers scored \( 58 \) points from \( 24 \) successful shots, including both \(2\)-point shots and \(3\)-point shots, in a game against the Chicago Bulls. How many \(2\)-point shots did he score in this game?


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