Linear Equations

Linear Rate of Change


Consider a tree which is currently 1 meter high and grows 30 centimeters every year. What will the height of the tree be (in centimeters) 8 years from now?

If Janine's lawn is 2 inches tall now, and grows 3 inches every week, how tall will it be in 4 weeks?

Trisha makes $0.60 every time she sells a candy bar. How many dollars will she make if she sells 100 candy bars?

An electric pot, when switched on, can heat up the water by \(6^{\circ} \textrm{C}\) every \(2\) minutes. When it is switched off, the water cools down by \(2^{\circ} \textrm{C}\) every minute. How long will it take to heat up the water from \(24^{\circ} \textrm{C}\) to \(72^{\circ} \textrm{C}\) and then let it cool down to \(48^{\circ} \textrm{C}\) (in minutes)?

The rate at which crickets chirp is a linear function of the temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit). A good estimate of the temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit) is to count the number of times that a snowy tree cricket chirps in 15 seconds, and then add 45.

Using this rule, what would be the temperature if the snowy tree cricket chirps 192 times in a minute?


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