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Logarithmic Functions

Logarithmic scales are used when the range of possible values is very wide, such as the intensity of an earthquake or the acidity of a liquid, in order to avoid the use of large numbers.

Logarithmic Functions Warmup


What is \(\log_{6}(36)\) ?

What is \(\log_{8}(2) + \log_{8}(4)\) ?

\(f(x) = \ln(x^2)\)

What is the domain of \(f\) ?

\(\log_{3}(x) + \log_{3}(x^2) + \log_{3}(x^3) = 18\)

What is the value of \(x\) ?

\(\log_{x}(y) = 3\)

What is \(\log_{x}(y^2)\) ?


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