Logic Warmups

Logic Puzzles - Intermediate Warmup

  1. Jorge runs faster than Drew.
  2. Drew runs faster than Bernard.
  3. Jorge runs faster than Bernard.

If the first two statements are true, then the third statement is:

When conducting an inventory of the PE storage room, Coach Carlson found several basketballs, tennis balls, footballs and baseballs in a locker. He found 4, 6, 8 and 10 of them (a different number for each type). He recorded that:

  • There are fewer tennis balls than footballs.
  • There are 6 more baseballs than basketballs.

How many footballs are there?

Assume that published books are classified as novels, short stories, or story books according to the following classification:

A novel has at least 300 pages.
A short story has at most 100 pages.
A story book has at most 500 pages.

What can we say about a book that has 400 pages?

In front of you are 3 chests:

Chest A has been labelled with "100 gold coins,"
Chest B has been labelled with "50 gold and 50 silver coins," and
Chest C has been labelled with "100 silver coins."

You are told that all of the labels are incorrectly placed, as they describe the contents of another one of the chests. To help you determine which is the chest that contains 100 gold coins, you are allowed to pick a random coin (without looking) from a chest of your choice.

Which chest should you pick a coin from?

Note: The picking of a single coin is just a sample to figure out where the 100 gold coins are; the coin you pick does not necessarily need to be from the chest of 100 gold coins.

Aldith, Bogdan and Chedomir are gathered in a medieval tavern. One of them is a knight who always tells the truth, one of them is a knave who always lies, and one of them is a jester who can either tell the truth or lie.

Aldith says, "I am not a knave."
Bogdan says, "I am a knave."
Chedomir says, "I am not a knave."

Who is the jester?


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