Logic Warmups

Logic Puzzles - Basic Warmup


Kevin, Joseph, and Nicholas are 3 brothers. If the following statements are all true, which of them is the youngest?

  • Kevin is the oldest.
  • Nicholas is not the oldest.
  • Joseph is not the youngest.

Merlin realizes that all Alakazams are Open Sesame, and some Hocus Pocus are Alakazams.

Is it true that some Hocus Pocus are Open Sesame?

Note: There is at least one of each item.

The school nurse is recording the heights of 5 students in a class. When comparing their heights, the students find that:

  • Alex is taller than Brian but shorter than Charlie.
  • Daniel is taller than Edward but shorter than Alex.

Who is the tallest?

The men above are named Andrew and Bob. If we know that at least one of them lied, what is the color of the shirt that Andrew is wearing?

If yesterday was Friday, what is the day after tomorrow?


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