Data Presentation

Misleading Graphs


Mr. Jones and Ms. Smith each teach a Calculus class at a local high school. Each of their students take a county-mandated final exam at the end of the year. Ms. Smith plots both of their average scores in the graph above. Is there anything that makes the graph misleading or unclear?

Mr. Jones is not pleased with Ms. Smith for how often she rubs in her better average. He therefore decides to make the above visual that represents his and her class size. He has a class size of 20, and she has a class-size of 10. Is his visual misleading or unclear?

Consider this graph representing how the real estate industry is doing over time. Is there anything misleading or unclear about this graph?

Mr. Jones wants to explain to his class just how much each assignment will contribute to their final grade, so on his syllabus, he puts the pie chart from above. Is there anything misleading or unclear about it?

Two students in math class, John and Adam, decide to compare their scores on all the tests thus far on a line graph. Is there anything misleading or unclear about it?


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