Polynomial Arithmetic

Multiplying and Dividing Monomials


Simplify 12ab×(a2b).\frac{1}{2} ab \times \left(-a^2b\right).

Simplify the following expression:

16x3÷(43x2). 16 x^3 \div \left( \frac{4}{3} x^2 \right).

Simplify a2b3×a5b2÷(a2b).a^{-2} b^3 \times a^5 b^{-2} \div \left( a^2 b \right).

A rectangular cuboid with its base measuring 4ab2 cm4ab^2 \text{ cm} by 3a2 cm3a^2 \text{ cm} has a volume of 36a5b6 cm3 36a^5b^6 \text{ cm}^3. What is its height in cm\text{cm}?

Simplify 9a2b×2c36ac2. \frac{9 a^2 b \times 2 c}{36 a c^2} .


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