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Introduction to Forces

They say you can't go anywhere without forces, and they are right. See if you understand the bread and butter of Newtonian mechanics.

Newton's First Law


In the absence of friction (or any other kind of dissipation, like wind), a force is needed to make a moving object keep on moving. True or False?

What is the net force required to maintain the movement of a \(5000\text{ kg}\) object moving at a constant velocity of \(2500\text{ m/s} ?\)

An object that is neither accelerating nor decelerating has no net force acting on it. True or false?

If the kinetic friction force acting on a sliding crate has a magnitude of \(200\text{ N},\) how much force must be applied to maintain a constant velocity?

If the forces acting on a body are balanced, then the body \(\text{_________}.\)


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