Number Theory

Common Misconceptions (Number Theory)

Number Theory Common Misconceptions: Level 2 Challenges


What is the smallest prime number?

What is the value of 0!\Large 0!

True or false:

The sum of two irrational numbers is always irrational.

AB=A÷B\Large \color{#D61F06}{A} - \color{#3D99F6}{B} = \color{#D61F06}{A} \div \color{#3D99F6}{B}

If whole numbers A\color{#D61F06}{A} and B\color{#3D99F6}{B} satisfy this equation, then what is A+B?\color{#D61F06}{A} + \color{#3D99F6}{B}?

Bonus: Can you explain why there is only one solution?

Which of these statements are true?

(A). "11 is a prime number"

(B). "00 is neither even nor odd"

(C). "x2\sqrt{x^2} is always equal to xx"

(D). "14\dfrac{1}{4} is neither even nor odd"


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