Ohm's law


The above graph shows the current through a nichrome wire according to the voltage applied. If i=200 mAi=\si{200\ \milli\ampere} and v=125 Vv=\si{125\ \volt},) what is the resistance (in Ω\Omega) of the nichrome wire?

It is known that the amount of current needed to flow through a human being in order to cause them to have ventricular fibrillation (heart attack) is about 100 mA.

What is the minimum voltage (in volts) that will cause a person who has a body resistance of 1723 Ω1723\ \Omega to have ventricular fibrillation?

If a current I=0.9 AI=0.9\text{ A} flows through a resistor R=7 ΩR=7\ \Omega of length Δd=5 \Delta d=5\ m, what is the electric field strength inside the resistor?

In the circuit above, V=5 V,V=5\text{ V}, R1=1 Ω,R_1=1\ \Omega, R2=6 Ω,R_2=6\ \Omega, and R3=12 Ω.R_3=12\ \Omega. Find the current through R1.R_1.

If I=1 AI=1\text{ A} and R=8 Ω,R=8\ \Omega, what is the voltage of the battery?


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