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Option Greeks

Options greeks provide a way to quantify the risk profile of the underlying options, which allows us to effectively arbitrage these similar instruments.

Challenge Quizzes

Option Greeks: Level 1-2 Challenges


The call option on the $15 strike is currently worth $1.02, and has a delta of 0.43.

How much would the call option be worth if the underlying increases by $0.50?

Hint: Remember that options are long Gamma.

Which of the following options (on the same expiry) have the largest vega when the stock is trading at 100?

On days of option expiration, why does the stock price tend to stick to option strike prices?

Your theta position is shown to be positive (collecting theta). Is it possible that everything stays the same for 12 hours, but your position loses money?

What happens to the rho of a put option as the underlying moves up?


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