Angles and Lines

Parallel Lines


In parallelogram ABCDABCD, we are given that the green angle ABC=142\angle ABC = 142 ^ \circ. What is the yellow angle BCD\angle BCD?

The green and blue lines are parallel, and A and B are points on the green line. If the shortest distance from A to the blue line is 5, what can we say about the shortest distance from B to the blue line?

If lm l \parallel m , and a=21 \angle a = 21^\circ , what is the measure of b \angle b in degrees?

Trapezoid ABCDABCD has D=x\angle D = \color{#3D99F6}{x} and A=2x+12\angle A = \color{#20A900}{2x + 12^\circ}. What is the measure of D\angle D?

In the above diagram, if lm,l \parallel m, what is the measure of A+B?\color{#3D99F6}{\angle A}+\color{#20A900}{\angle B} ?


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